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This free application allows you to analyse critical stress factors in your work life, as well as resources you have to cope with them.
At the end of the analysis, the tool shows you those factors that have the strongest impact for you and offers a space to comment on how to deal with them.
To guarantee anonymity, data will be saved only temporarily, which also means that you need to answer all questions in one go.
At the end you can chose to share the statistical part of the assessment anonymously. In exchange you will get a benchmark profile which enables you to compare your data to the data of all other Europe-wide participating persons.
Information about the structure of the questionnaire
1. Task
2. Working conditions and workflow
3. Team climate - Cooperation
4. Team climate - Leadership
5. Roles and responsibilities
6. Attitudes and behaviors
7. Organisational climate and communication
8. Control and clarity
9. Social support - Team
10. Social support - Leadership
11. Stress
12. Engagement and satisfaction
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